A Freelance Content Writer Near Me: Their Role in Writing High-Ranking Content

You've no doubt heard that high-ranking content is the key to any successful SEO campaign, but what does it really take to achieve high rankings? Well, before you can even start thinking about how to rank your content high in Google's index, there are a few things you need to know. You need to get a freelance content writer near me. In this blog post we'll be talking about 8 tips for getting a competent content writer to write high-ranking content - if you follow these tips closely then ranking well in search engine results pages should be much easier.

Why Should Your Content Rank?

If you're like me, you've become exhausted with the high amount of content being submitted for publication everywhere. The Internet seems overloaded with one article after another; it's no surprise that high-ranking content from a freelance content writer near me is essential to having any success online.

Why bother writing high-ranking content at all?

There are several reasons why high-ranking content is important. They are linked to the high search volume that high-ranking content receives in large quantities, high conversion rates when high-ranking content is persuasive enough to convince readers to do what you suggest (i.e., buy something), and high visitor retention when high-ranking content provides long-lasting value for users.

Okay, I'm convinced high-ranking content is important, now what?

Great! So, the question becomes, how do you write high-ranking content? There are several components to high-ranking content that contribute to high rankings. Keep reading for 8 tips on writing high-ranking content.

1.    Are You Targeting Long or Short Tail Keywords?

Keywords are extremely important in high-ranking content. Make sure that the high-ranking keywords you're targeting require a high number of searches, but not too high that it's hard to rank for them. A freelance content writer near me knows how to strategically use keywords.

2.    How Much Effort Is Required?

A high-ranking piece of content requires an investment - in terms of time and energy. If you're willing to put in the hours and the high-quality content is high-ranking, you'll definitely see a return on investment (ROI). Sometimes, you may not have this time and you need to hire a freelance content writer near me.

3.    Make Your Articles Actionable

High-ranking articles aim to solve problems or address questions, so make sure that whatever high-ranking advice you provide is actionable. Actionable high-ranking content provides high value for users. Only a freelance content writer near me can write highly actionable articles.

4.    Get Feedback

Before publishing high-ranking content, get high-quality constructive feedback from people you trust. Having high-quality feedback will help you see your high-ranking content from a new perspective and have the opportunity to improve it before releasing it to the public where there's no turning back.

5.    Make High-Ranking Content Shareable

High-ranking content is high quality, high value, and high relevance, so make sure that your high-ranking articles are easy to read and share by including social media sharing buttons on the page where people can easily access them. If you hire a freelance content writer near me, you are assured of sharable content.

6.    High-Ranking Content Should Be Well Written

High-ranking content isn't high quality if it's full of grammar and spelling errors. Make sure that high-ranking articles are well written before publishing them online because high-quality high-ranking content should be high-quality from top to bottom. What do you do if you can’t write high-quality content? You should hire a freelance content writer near me.


If you want to be able to rank high on search engines, content is the key. The only way your content will have any impact is if it can’t get ranked. To make sure that happens, talk to a freelance writer near me who specializes in SEO and marketing techniques. It doesn't matter how informative or engaging your website's content might be; if it isn't optimized for ranking well on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc., then all of that work has been for nothing! Let us help you take care of this important aspect so that you don't have one more thing to worry about while running your business.





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