Choosing Content Writing Sites: 5 Options to Always Consider

Choosing the right content writing site for your business can be a difficult and time-consuming task. There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a content writer, such as their experience, credentials, and price. In this blog post we will go over five things to think about before hiring someone as well as give some tips on how to find the right person for the job.

Tips for Choosing Content Writing Sites

Search engine content has to stay fresh and relevant. It's got to be optimized for the best user experience possible, not just for search engines (though there is certainly a focus there). If content that's being served up doesn't feel natural or relevant, then it will likely have a negative impact on the site itself. Because content writing isn't a skill that every content marketer is familiar with, it's important to be thorough and intentional when choosing a content writer.

Your content isn't just the text on your site; you also have to think about content for social media, content for email marketing campaigns, and more content that needs to be written. Even if content writing isn't your main focus, content is a major part of what you have to offer as a content marketer.

When it comes time to choose content writing sites in your next content marketing campaign, there are a number of factors you should consider:

Content Writing Sites

The content writing industry has exploded over the last few years, and content writing sites are popping up left and right. It can be difficult to choose which content writer you want on your team, and sometimes it's easy to think that hiring content writers through content writing sites is the way to go.

The content on content writing sites isn't vetted, and some content writers on content writing sites might not be even be content marketers at all: they might just like to write. Content writing sites aren't the only place you can find content writers, though. If content is a main part of what you do as a content marketer, choosing content writers in content writing sites might be your best bet.

Business Writing Sites

Business writing sites are different from content writing sites because content isn't the focus at business writing sites. If content is part of what you do, business writing sites might not be the best option for hiring content writers because content isn't what they specialize in.

Instead, business writing sites are a great place to find copywriters who have experience with everything from blog posts to email marketing content and social media content. If content is a main focus for you as a content marketer, business writing sites might be the best option for hiring content writers.

Freelance Writing Sites

If you want to hire content writers from content writing sites, one way to do it is through freelance writing sites. These content writing sites are similar to content writing sites, but the content writers on these sites are vetted for their content marketing experience.

Instead of content writers who write content for fun or because they enjoy it, content writers on freelance writing sites might be content marketers who are looking for extra content writing work. Hiring content writers through content writing sites is a great way to find content writers who are experienced, and content writing sites that specialize in content marketing might just be the best option out there for hiring content writers.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites are great places to find writers. If you don't want to hire content writers through content writing sites, you might not have to. Social media sites are great places to find content writers who want to work on content marketing projects.

There are a lot of content writers on Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, Google+ communities and other social media sites. These content writers might not have content writing sites to their name, but that doesn't mean they don't have content marketing experience. Many content writers on social media sites specialize in content writing or content marketing, and if you want to hire content writers who focus on content, this is a great resource for finding content marketers who are experienced with content.

Content Marketing Sites

Content marketer sites are content marketing websites that content marketers can use to share content, receive content promotion and find content ideas. These content marketing sites might be a great place for content marketers looking for content writers who already have experience with content writing or content marketing.

A content writing site might be a great place to find content writers who have experience with content, but content marketers might have better luck finding content writers on content marketing sites -- because the content writers on these websites are content marketers themselves. Content marketing sites can also host a lot of content marketing articles, which is a great resource for content marketers looking to hire content writers.

The Takeaway

When content marketers are looking to hire content writers, it's important that they think about what they need before they start searching for content writers. Content writing sites might be the best place to find content writers. If you aren’t sure where to start, you should contact us today.






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