6 Considerations When Hiring an Article Writing Company

Hiring an article writing company for content marketing can be a difficult task. There are many considerations to take into account before hiring your article writer, and it's important that you make the right decision. With article marketing being such a popular form of online marketing these days, article writing companies have popped up everywhere.

If you're not careful about what company you hire for this job, or how much you pay them, there is a chance that your article will turn out poorly and won't generate any interest from potential customers. In this blog post we'll discuss six things to consider when choosing an article writing company during content marketing so that you don't end up wasting time and money on something that doesn't work.

1.    Your Article Distribution Needs

Your article distribution needs will depend upon your marketing strategy and what you hope to accomplish with article writing. If you already have a blog or social media channels set up, the article writers can focus their efforts on article distribution through those avenues. If your strategy revolves around getting more backlinks for higher search engine rankings, article writers should create "resource box" article content that directs readers to your website.

2.    Hiring Native Article Writers or Outsourcing to Foreign Writers?

Many articles writing companies will claim that they have native English writers, but the article writers may actually be foreign outsourcing firms with non-native English speakers working on your article distribution project. The quality of article distribution work can vary widely with article writers who are not native speakers of English. Native article writers can produce a higher quality article for distribution, though they may be more expensive than hiring a foreign writer through an article writing company that takes advantage of low-wage labor in India or the Philippines.

3.    Pricing

The pricing of article content can vary widely, so it's important to establish your article distribution budget before shopping for an article writing company. When you have a fixed article distribution budget, article writing companies can tell you how much their article writers will charge per article. Prices will vary based on article length, number of articles required, and whether the writer has native English language skills or is working through an overseas article outsourcing firm.

4.    The Author

You need to make sure that the article writing company you hire has professional article writers with experience in article writing. This is extremely important because it basically means that they know what to write and how to do it in order for them to attract your target market. You obviously don't want them to use technical terms, right? They should also proofread the article several times before sending it to you for your approval.

5.    Deadlines

The article writing company should also be able to deliver article samples on time. You don't want them making an excuse that they can't do their work just because you gave too tight deadlines, right? They need to understand what this means and how important it is for your article to be written on time for you to meet your article marketing goals.

6.    Quality of the Articles

Your article writing company should be able to deliver articles that are of high quality. Keep in mind that article writing is quite different from other types of content because it needs to have more substance so that it can hold its own against other articles online.

The Bottom Line

When you need high-quality content for your business, it can be helpful to hire an article writing company. However, before hiring anyone, make sure that they have the qualifications and skills necessary to produce quality work on time and within budget. If not, don't waste any more of your valuable time! We are here to help with all of those needs so give us a call today.




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